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How do I register a water and sewer bill to My ServiceOttawa account?

  1. Navigate to is external).
  2. Select Login/Register from either the top right hand corner of your screen or from the ServiceOttawa blue box off the home page.
  3. Select Register.
  4. Log in to My ServiceOttawa.
  5. Select Services from the left menu then Water and sewer billing.
  6. Select Register a water and sewer bill.
  7. Enter or confirm your personal information and check the box to consent the sharing of your information with the water and sewer service.
  8. Enter the account number with or without dashes in the Account Number box.
  9. Enter the amount due from previous bill with no dollar sign ($) and select next step.
  10. Confirm the account information is correct and select complete registration. If the account information is incorrect, check no and select complete registration to return to the previous screen to re-enter the information.
  11. The account is now registered.
  12. To register another water and sewer account, repeat steps 6 to 10. Your consent will only be required once.