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How do I use the “In My Neighbourhood” Application?

  1. Select on the 'In My Neighbourhood' link.

Please note that the 'In My Neighbourhood' application is launched in a new browser window.

  1. The 'Welcome to In My Neighbourhood' window opens up with the 'faded out' In My Neighbourhood Application in the background.
  2. Select 'agree' after reading description and disclaimer.
  3. If you have provided an address in the Personal Profile page, then that address is passed to the target application In My Neighbourhood. The In My Neighbourhood application will display the address (this means street address and/or postal code) and the map is displayed showing that address.
  4. If there is no address entered in your personal profile OR if the address cannot be displayed, the application will display the default location where an address can be entered in the 'search' field in the header.
  5. As you are typing in an address, the search results will appear in a drop-down menu.
  6. Select the appropriate address from that list.
  7. The In My Neighbourhood map will now show the address selected and all information and activities related to that address.

For additional help on the In My Neighbourhood tool, select Help.

In My Neighbourhood also provides a mobile version more suitable for screen sizes below 600 pixels. For additional help on using the mobile version, select Mobile Help.