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How do I remove a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) from a water and sewer bill account?

  1. Log in to My ServiceOttawa.
  2. Select Services from the left menu then Water and sewer billing.
  3. Select View from Registered accounts.
  4. Select Manage pre-authorized debit.
  5. Confirm the correct water and sewer account was selected.
  6. Select Cancel PAD plan button.
  7. Select an Effective date at least 9 days in the future.
  8. Select the box Cancel PAD plan.
  9. Select Submit request button.
  10. You will receive a confirmation notice advising your request has been submitted. You may verify your request has been completed by logging into your My SO account after your selected effective date.

Note: Cancelling your PAD plan will terminate the automated payment of your tax bill. Any outstanding water and sewer balance becomes due and payable on the regular due date. Outstanding balance are subject to penalty and interest of 1.25% added the 1st day of default and the 1st day of every month thereafter.

Can I cancel my PAD at any time?

You can submit a cancellation request at any time; please note that revenue branch requires 9 days to process your cancellation request through My ServiceOttawa.  If you have a withdrawal scheduled within the 9 day period the withdrawal will be taken as scheduled.  Revenue branch requires 30 days to process cancellation requests sent via fax, mail or email.

What happens to my PAD if I move?

If you are moving please contact revenue branch (613-580-2444) to schedule a final meter reading for your water and sewer account.  To schedule a final meter reading you will be asked for the purchaser name/s, the closing date and a forwarding address.  Once a final meter reading is taken a final bill will be issued.  After the final bill is withdrawn the account and PAD will be closed.  PAD plans are not transferrable from one account to another.  If you require PAD set up at a new address see How do I set up PAD for my water and sewer account  above.